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Source² - Eclipse Java plug-in

Provides a intuitive visual presentation based on a report provided by the third party program cleartool used in IBM Rational Clear Case environments.

In order to use Source² you must configure the path to your IBM Rational Clear Case bin directory. Open the Eclipse Preferences page and specify the path.

Then you may open the eclipse view named Source².


Open a IBM Rational Clear Case associated file in Eclipse.

Remember, you can not annotate checked out files.

  • Do Annotate
    Press the play icon in the Source² view and a list of all annotations for the active editor will be generated.
  • Link with Editor
    Toggle the arrows icon in the Source² view and the list will be automatically updated if you open another Clear Case annotated file.
  • Select current annotation
    Select a row in the Source² view and the corresponding source code will be selected in your text editor.
Feel free to install and try Source². Please specify the following update site in your eclipse update manager

Please contact me for support or feedback.

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