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SMIR is a gamingclub based in Malmö, founded 2005. Our sole purpose to this point has been to scratchbuild a World War II gaming table in 1/56 scale. We are now nearing completion and are very proud to present the first pictures of our work.

If you would like to contact SMIR please send an email to


David Frasse

Below you can see the first pictures of our gaming table. It's the result of three years of work by oixx (David Virdefors) and BigJoe (Frasse), although we haven't been the most time efficient workers at all times. Still many hundreds of ours of work is poured into the diorama and the miniatures.

If you look at the pictures maybe you'll notice that the yellow two storey house is seen with different neighboring houses. The reason for this is that we did not want to build a gaming terrain where every piece of scenery was built separately on bases then assembled to create the gaming table.

Instead, we wanted a more three-dimensional gaming table where you could include cellars and other bellow ground level features. To achieve this, the scenery was built on 39cm * 39cm tiles made of a pink polystyrene-like substance used for floor isolation. This way we could construct our buildings, streams and roads directly on the "ground", and still be able to vary our gaming table by swapping our tiles around.

And just as important, it will make it easier to store and transport.

If you have any comments or questions pelase place a comments.


Thanks to Catarina for putting up with all the polystyrene and static grass.

We would like to thank Stefan Olsén for the photos.

Thanks to SVEROK for making it possible to do this.


The miniatures are a mix from Bolt Action Miniatures(most notably the vehicles and goliaths and crew) Black Tree design(the bulk of the infantry) and Artizan design(a mix of both British and German infantry, most notably the German command group). They are painted by Frasse.


We are using the Rules of Engagement rules set, published by Great Escape Games. The rules focus on platoon-size infantry combat.

We have played with these rules 1on1, 2on2, as well as game master led scenarios.

We have held a couple of events a gaming conventions in Sweden. Perhaps you've seen us at GothCon.

We will also attend Borås Spelkonvent this year.













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