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A Swedish Classic - En Svensk Klassiker

Ever since 1971, completion of En Svensk Klassiker ("A Swedish Classic") has been the crowning achievement for many fitness enthusiasts.

To qualify for the diploma, you must finish a Swedish classic event in each of the four disciplines (skiing, running, swimming, cycling) within the space of twelve months.

The Classic events are:

  • Vasaloppet 90km The oldest, the longest and the biggest cross country ski race in the world.
  • Vätternrundan 300 km The largest recreational bicycle ride in the world.
  • Vansbrosimningen 3km One of the largest Open Water swimming competitions in the World.
  • Lidingöloppet 30 km The world's largest crosscountry race.

My Race Results 2009/2010

I finnished my swedish classic within the 12 months, on the 7th of march 2010! The toughest race was by far the 300km on bicycle, completing Vätternrundan, probably due to the sheer time spent, almost 11 hours.

10h 52min 00sec 57min 53sec 03h 05min 53sec 07h 33min 30sec

Training Statistics

I logged all my training during the 12 months I spent doing the Swedish Classic. Even though I've never been training harder in my life, the numbers are not that impressive when you break it down. However statistics are great fun, so here it is:

Time period: 2009-03-07 - 2010-03-07 (365 days)

Training Totals  
Total Time 17583 min / 293,05 h / 12,2 days
Total Distance 3509.37 km / ~9% of the earths circumference.
Days With Training 216 / 58% of all days
Mean Time / Day 48,2 min
Training Type Distance (km) Time (hh:mm:ss)
Roller ski + Cross Country Skiing 948.2 km 78:01:14
Running 400.18 km 35:56:58
Swimming 20.15 km 27:54:53
Cycling 2123.57 km 84:13:23

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